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October 8th, 2005

07:04 pm - yupp Elle is sweeter than life itself! YO DAWG!
ok hmm yesterday was fun. Ricky i love you!! I knew we would last haha. Elle and Joey aww at least you guys made up kind of no haha it will work out in the end.

Ok right now Elle is over and we are leaving to go to Lille's house for her Birthday Party. Oh the bign 15 and next year just think you will be a sweet sixteen year old DUDE! Then we are leacing at like what what? 11 and Elle is sleeping over haha should she.

Church blahh
Starbucks with Elle and Ricky.
Then Elle is over for homework bye i love you

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October 5th, 2005

11:39 pm - hmm ... oh
ok well you know ricky and i. he was kind of being a jerk to me today. he barely talked to me during algebra ;(. I was kind of upset about that. at least he called me after school and was like sorry about the whole algebra thing. i guess i forgive. he said he was trying to concentrate. haha i was laughing he was like what is so funny!? he asked me out to dinner on friday. i was like aww how sweet. i dont know though if he really likes me. i like him a lot. he is so cute and sweet at times. it has only been 5 days so we will see how this goes. i feel so bad elle and joey got ina fight at lunch today. elle walked away with tears in her eyes. joey felt really bad though cause i called after school to yell at hime. he said he didnt mean to yell at her, but it just happened. aww i feel bad all relationships are failing. except andrew and lisa. andrew makes out with her all the time how could she break up with him. i made out with him when we were playing seven minutes in heaven at this girls party last year. he is a pretty good kisser. that reminds brett and my sister are so retarded. they make out like all the time it is gross. he ate dinner at our house again and he was being so stupid. he was like hey heather i heard your stupid. i was like you sound like a stupid drunk person so get out of my house. he was like well your stupid. i was like well your 18 and immature. he was like haha you got me there. i was like no really i did cause you didnt have a stupid come back. he was like haha heather you are such a nice person hahaha. i was like no just stop and i walked away. i have no clue what my stupid sees in him. i cant wait till the day they break-up. i will like scream of joy. well this was a good writing about relationships.

i think i am going to go now bye.

comments are adored if you actually read this thing.
and i finnally got the PANIC! CD!
Current Mood: determined
Current Music: Casimoda sp? - P!ATD

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October 2nd, 2005

01:03 pm - Friday and Saturday = Amazing
I am updating Saturday and Friday cause my sunday is going to suck since my mom said i have to stay home do my homework then go with her to stinking craft show uhhh.

well you know i went to school. Good times Kyle haha. In Biology he kepy raising his hand and asking retarded question just so class would go by fasting. then the teacher gave him a detention after the 9th question i counted haha. well we only had like 5 minutes left so good job kyle. that probably was the hi-light of my school day. then after school elle came over. we were getting ready for friday night. i went to the movies with Ricky<3. he is so cute. he got a little something at the movies. haha. then he came over after and so did elle and joey. aww amazing times. we were being immature dorks. thats alright. me and ricky decided we were going out! aww i am so excited. i really like him.

well i called ricky at like 130 to see if he wanted to do something tonight. we decided were going out to dinenr but he invited some girl jana and this guy matt. so i was like well i am inviting elle and joey. he was like fine. it was fun haha. ricky came over again after and we like made-out i swear for like 20 minutes. that was amazing. he really likes me. thats what he told me. then he left at like 1130. elle called to come over at like 12 so we could go tp someone. we tped alicia my ex Bf hahaha. cause i guess alicia was with some girl rache and rachel hates elle cause she use to go to her school. so they were pranking elle online and calling her retarded names. so me elle, joey, andrew, and michael all decided we were gonna tp miss alicia. we got them good like 30 roles. good times.

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Current Mood: productive
Current Music: such a tragedy - fftl

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September 28th, 2005

06:36 pm
November 3rd = Fall Out Boyy!! and Panic! At The Disco!
my mom suprised me with them. She bought them like 3 weeks ago so she said. she knew i really wanted to go so my mom and my siste rmade sure to get them. just so if you read this you think i am not lieing haha.

I got my tickets today after school! I got Floor Seats er whatever. I am so excited and Elle can't go =( her mom said Fall Out Boy or Black Eyed Peas and Gwen Stefani but she picked Black Eyed Peas and Gwen Stefani. So whatever floats her boat! I still got Stacey going with me. Michael and Andrew are going to meet us up there! I am so excited you know! Plus i get to see Panic!!! My sister is going to the killers concert this 6th luckyy her haha. I really don't want to see them anymore. Their music is good an all but it isnt the music i like to rock out too when i am bored you know. My sister only wants to go cause she likes 4 songs on the album. Brett is going and he is always fucking over. He is like hey Heather you seem to be like some emo freak now a days. I am like ok bye. He is so weird. Then Elle called me yesterday and we talked for like an hour and a half just so my sister would get mad. She really needed to talk to BRETT! Pssh haha it was so funnnyyy. My mom got mad at me though. I didnt really care she said i had 3 chances. If i lost all 3 chances i couldnt go to the FOB concert. She said my detentions last week didnt count because she just told me yesterday. There is this really hot kid at my school. His name is Ricky and he is like a skinny kid and wears girls pants hehe. He is liek a sophomore though. He is one of my classes because he failed math so he is now in Alegebra 1 because he failed it last year and didnt care. I was like sweet haha. We talk all the time during class. We are hanging out Friday with just him I am so excited. Maybe soon enoguh we will be going out who knows? Elle thinks he is some fine piece of aceeee our funny word! Michael says he is not jealous i was like your such a liar! then Karen the popular girl at my old school is pissed at me because she said she saw me making-out with Tommy Dee! Eww that kid is perverted and i didnt even hang out with anyone this weekend. She is the slut i heard she made out with like 4 gusy this weekend. I was like ok think what you want. I dont even go to parties that much. I dont even do anything at the parties anyways. Well i am out and ELLE better UPDATE HERS cause i updated mine!

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Current Music: Jake the Ripper - MCR

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September 22nd, 2005

03:42 pm - i didnt go to school today lol cause im sick ah hem
Do you wear black eyeliner?: yes
Do you own any black clothing?: yes
Do you think about death often?: no
Do you want to die?: no whats worth living if you die young =)
Are you a social outcast?: sometimes
Are you pale?: nope
Do you like Hot Topic?: yes
Total : 3.5

--Skater Punk--
Can you skateboard?: no
How often do you wear Vans?: sometimes
Do you do stupid stuff with your friends?: yes all the time
How much do you get in trouble?: all the time
Do you listen to punk bands: yes
Do you have any piercings? yes
Total YES: 4.5

How often do you say the word "like": like like all the time lol sometimes
Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?: no
Are the A&F models hot?: yes
Rock music is bad, right?: no
Do you want to be in a sorority/fraternity?: no
Into jocks/popular guys/girls?: no
Are/were you a cheerleader?: never
Total : 1.5

Is your hair long?: no
Are you a vegetarian?: no
Do you own a tye dye shirt?: no
Do you want peace?: yes
Do you want to save the animals: yes
What do you think about war?: it is ok
Total YES: 2.5

Are you from the ghetto?: yes
Do you own "bling bling"?: yes
What do you think about do-rags?: no
How about hip-hop?: i love it when you one two step dats about it so no
Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?: no
What do you think about afros?: no
Have you ever said 'fo shizzle'?: yes

How often do you cry?: sometimes
Do you have an ex?: yes
Do you have an acoustic guitar?: no
Are you emotional?: very
Do you like soft music: yes
Do people understand you?: no
Do u write ur own songs?: no
Is your hair dyed dark?: kind of
Total YES: 4

Do you play any sports?: yes
How important are they to you?: soccer is really fun so yeah it is important
Do you pick on the geeky kids?: no
What do you think about football?: its fun it watch sometimes
were you considered a bully by anyone?: no
Total : 2.5

Do you wear glasses?: no
Do you get good grades?: no lol
Are you smart?: no
Do you use an inhaler?: no
Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets: no
Does your mom buy your clothes?: yes
How often are you on the computer?: almost never
Do you ever get picked on?: yes and i just laugh at them
Total YES: 2

im sweeeeeeet like that dont label me but i guess i am skater punk/emolicious hehe oh well haha im going
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Current Mood: sickyeah im sick arlight lol
Current Music: Numbness for Sound - Howie Day

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September 19th, 2005

05:10 pm - so so sad =(
From: tie her down
Date: Sep 17, 2005 5:25 PM

This girl was recently on Oprah and what a loving, forgiving young woman is she! An amazing story of what she has suffered and will bear the rest of her life. Please share this with your friends and especially your teenagers who are driving.

This is Jacqueline Saburido on September 19, 1999.

This is she and her Father, 1998.

This is she on Vacation in Venezuela.

Birthday party as a child.

At a party with friends.

The car in which Jacqueline traveled. She was hit by another car that was driven by a 17-year old male student on his way home after drinking a couple of hard packs with his friends. This was in December 1999.

After the accident Jacqueline has needed over 40 operations.

Jacqueline was caught in the burning car and her body was heavily burnt during around 45 seconds.

With her Father, 2000.

Getting treatment.

Three months after accident.

Without a left eyelid Jacquie needs eye drops to keep her vision.

Now 20 year old, he cannot forgive himself for driving drunk on that night three years ago.

He's aware of devastating Jacqueline Saburidos life.

Not everyone who gets hit with a car dies. This picture was taken 4 years after the accident and the doctors are still working on Jacqueline, whose body was covered with 60% severe burnings.

Please send this to as many people as you can to make them aware of the consequences of drink driving.


Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: Take Me Away - Plain White T's

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September 18th, 2005

12:23 pm - "ima a pimp" - Elle

Long Survey About Yourself

Created by bleedwithoutreason and taken 71395 times on Bzoink

What time are you starting this?11:55
Nicknames?whatever you wanna call me
Date of birth?January 12th 1991
Height?about 5'2
Eye color?Brown
Where were you born?In a hospital
Number of candles on your last birthday cake?14
Hair color?Brown
Piercings?Double piercing on my ears
Town you live in?town like outside of sacramento
Favorite foods?my little snickers
Ever been to Africa?no
Been toilet papering?yes
Love someone so much it made you cry?eh no
Been in a car accident?sort of
Croutons or bacon bits?croutons
Favorite day of the week?Wednesday
Favorite resturant?ANYTHING WITH CHINESE!
Favorite flower?Roses
Favorite sport to watch?Foootball
Favorite drink?my milk shakes
Favorite ice cream flavor?mint
Warner Bros. or Disney?Disney
Favorite fast food restuarant?arbies
Carpet color in your bedroom?it is wood
How many times did you fail your driver's test?havent taken it yet
Whom did you get your last email from?my cousin lilly
Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?urban outfitters
What do you do most often when you are bored?i sit in my room and watch random movies and shows
Most annoying thing to say to me?your stupid
Bedtime?usually around 12
Favorite TV show?The OC but i love Gilmore Girls
Last person you went out to dinner with?:my parents last weekend
Been out of country?yeah
Believe in magick?sure
Ford or Chevy?Chevy
What are you listening to right now?the academy is...
Have you ever failed a grade?nope
If you have, what grade did you fail?nope
Do you have a crush on someone?no
Do you have a bf/gf?no
If so, what is their name?no
How long have you been together?no
What are you wearing right now?pajamas
Would you have sex before marriage?no
Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers?nope sick
Are you a virgin?yes
Do you smoke?no
Do you drink?no
Are you ghetto?fo shizzle
Are you a player?yesssm
What are your favorite colors?Blue and Purplish Pink
What is your favorite animal?Giraffes
Do you have any birthmarks?yeah
Have you ever gotten your ass kicked?no
Who do you talk to most on the phone?my cousin Stacey but now it seems to be Elle lol
Have you ever been slapped?yes
Do you get online a lot?no
Are you shy or outgoing?outgoing
Do you shower?yes
Do you hate school?sometimes
Do you have a social life?yes
How easily do you trust people?not easily
Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing?no
Would you ever sky dive?yes
Do you like to dance?sure
Have you ever been out of state?yes
Do you like to travel?sometimes
Have you ever been expelled from school?nope
Have you ever been suspended from school?nope
Do you want to get out of your hometown?yeah
Are you spoiled?no
Are you a brat?no
Have you ever been dumped?no
Have you ever gotten high?no
Do you like snapple?yes
Do you drink a lot of water?yes
What toothpaste do you use?crest mint
Do you have a cell phone?yes
Do you have a curfew?yeah 11
Who do you look up to?my older sister and my neighbor
Are you a role model?i can be
Have you ever been to Six Flags or Cedar Point?no
What name brand do you wear the most?levi jeans
What kind of jewelry do you wear?like the kind my sister wears
What do you want pierced?my belly-button
Do you like takin pictures?yes
Do you like gettin your picture taken?no
Do you have a tan?yes
Do you get annoyed easily?yes
Have you ever started a rumor?yeah lol
Do you have your own phone or phone line?yes
Do you have your own pool?no
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?briefs
Do you have any siblings?yes
Have you ever been played?no
Have you ever played anyone?no
Do you get along with your parents?yeah but not lately
How do you vent your anger?i listen to music and scream it really loud and everyone yells at me
Have you ever ran away?yeah but my neighbor saw me
Have you ever been fired from a job?no
Do you even have a job?no
Do you daydream a lot?yes
Do you have a lot of ex's?like one
Do you run your mouth?no
What do you want a tattoo of?no
What do you have a tattoo of?nothing
What does your ex bf/gf look like?he has kind of long/short brown hair and has gorgeous blue eues
What does your most recent crush look like?dont have one
Whats her/his name?i dont have one
Have you ever been bitched out?yes
Are you rude?to some people i dont care for
What was the last compliment you recieved?i love your strait hair
Do you like getting dirty?uh huh
Are you flexiable?no
What is your heritage?german
What is your lucky number?382342 lol
What does your hair look like right now?it is in a pony-tail i need to shower
Could you ever be a vegetarian?noooo
Describe your looks?i guess strait hair and sweat shirts idono tons of eyeliner and make-up
If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color?black
Would you ever date someone younger than you?sure
Would you ever date someone older than you?yes
When was the last time you were drunk?not till i am 21 alright lol
How many rings until you answer the phone?like 4 cause im too lazy so the other person can wait till i get up and answer the phone
Have you ever been skinny dipping?nope
If yes, when was the last time?haha
When was the last time you went on a date?like last february at the movies
Do you look more like your mother or father?my mom
Do you cry a lot?no i use too like in june cause of my neighbor
Do you ever cry to get your way?yes
What phrase do you use most when on the phone?no way or what did you say?
Are you the romantic type?no
Have you ever been chased by cops?el oh el no
What do you like most about your body?my legs
What do you like least about your body?my nose
When did you have your first crush?in my little first grade years
When was the last time you threw up?um in july sick sick day
In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?brunetters
Do you ever wear shirts do show your belly?eww that is sick
What about cleavage?once i did and got in big trouble
Is your best friend a virgin?yes
Have you ever fucked someone up?no
Have you ever been fucked up?no
What theme does your room have?it doesnt have one
What size show do you wear?size mediam in shirt and a one in pants
What is your screen name on AIM?if you know me ill tell you
How are you feeling right now?retarded
When was the last time you were at a party?in August
Have you ever given a lapdance?nope
Have you ever recieved one?nope
Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?yes
What is one of your bad qualilties?um doing homework
What is one of your good qualilties?sticking up for people i care for
Would you marry for money?no why would i wanna live with someone i dont like and ahve to see everyday
What do you drive?i want to drive my dad's hummer
Are you more of a mommys or daddys child?daddys
When was the last time you cried in school?like in 6th grade
Would you ever hook up with the same sex?uck no
What kind of music do you like?rock emo indie alternative
Would you ever bungee jump?yes
What is your worst fear?not waking up when i fall asleep
Would you ever join the army?sure
Do you like cows?no
If you were to die today, what would you do?i would hang out with Elle and Stacey and try to meet everyband i could
If you had one last word to say to someone before you die, what would it b?nice knowing you
Do you like to party?YES!
Hearts or broken hearts?hearts
Moons or stars?stars
Coke or pepsi?coke
Favorite scent?vanilla
Favorite band?P!ATD and FOB
Would you ever dye your hair red?no
How many languages can you speak?one
What time are you finishing this?12:22

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to Bzoink

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Im not ok - MCR (havnt listened to this song since july)

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September 13th, 2005

10:16 pm
so fucking hot who agrees?

best like ever

aww he is so cute that was the only reason why i watched that show cause of him.

he is one of the hottest guys out there

cute and sensitive

i love it!!! it is so hot to look at

I had to but Sonny Moore in here he is soooo fucking hot
Current Mood: geeky
Current Music: From First to Last <love em

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September 9th, 2005

07:02 pm

I <3 Hellogoodbye
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Hellogoodbye <my new favorite!

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August 27th, 2005

09:37 pm - i guess a bad day
uhh i dont think you want to hear my very bad day. i am just gonna update now before my day gets any worse. well i woke up at 930. i have no clue why. i thought my mom was taking me to the mall today. i guess she had to go to work. i guess she is taking me tomorrow. tomorrow is the vmas! i can not miss that. i guess we are going tomorrow from 1-5. whatever my mom says things but doesnt mean she does them. well after that i was mad so i put a movie called the girl next door. i only watched a half hour. by then it was 1130. i was very bored so i called stacey. she was being nice to me like always. we talked for about 10 minutes and she had to leave to go on her big shopping spree. not fare i was supose to go on mine. then i called alicia at like 12. she has been bugging me lately. she never invites me anywhere. uhhh which sucks cause we use to be really good friends. i figured out she had been hanging out with this girl sam who hates me like woah. whatever she can get a life. alicia likes her cause A she has tons of money B because she is the girl that the guys look up her skirt and grab her. Alicia thinks that is is cool. i told her that she is retarded for that. she is a slut. i think alicia wants to be a slut. so it seems. cause she wants all the guys to like her. i told her that girls look down her. she doesnt care cause guys look up to her. after i had like a 20 minute conversation with her. my sister courtney got home from work at 12. i guess she was there from 8-1130 news to me lol. she told me about work and crap. i was like what ever. she has been acting weird lately. then she came back like 10 minutes later. she said that i couldnt go to the killers concert cause she is taking her best friend lauren and brett. i was so angry. i couldnt believe she was taking brett before. i asked her why. she said i dont know i kind of like him. i know she likes him. i read her conversation online yesterday. she left it on her desk before she left for work. she isnt smart. she prints out all ehr personal conversations and leaves them where i can see them. i guess it is a good think cause i know about her personal life. brett asked her on a date. i know this stupid relationship wont work. whenever girls go out with their best guy friend it last for a month. i dont know why she likes him. they were on the phone for two hours and this is not a lie. he is coming over tomorrow to have dinner with our family. cause you know i want to eat dinner with him. i am just gonna not eat dinner and watch the vmas. i dont care if everyone gets mad at me cause i wont eat dinner. i hate him. i answered the phone yesterday and he was like heather answered the phone better call courtney's cell phone. i was like wtf? he is so annoying. i bet they will last like a year because you know i hate him. why do i talk about him every entry? i think i am upset i am not going to the killers concert. i mean it isnt a thing i need to go see. it is just that my sister picked brett over him. i just wanted to go. i like my sister a lot. i actually yelled at her today and i havent in a long time. but that was she gave my ticket to brett and not me. she was pissed at me the rest of the day. she said i didnt need to be such a bitch to her. i dont care i may be a bitch but i am not one. i hate when people call me that cause it is annoying. i am not a bitch if you are reading this ok. i got that point across. i just really wanna go to that concert. i think i am going to fall out boy. i cant wait to see them. my sister is taking me, my friend michael, stacey my cousin, and her friend ellie cause she is inlove with fall out boy. my, stacey, and my friend michael arent sitting with them which is good. well i guess that was the high-light of my day. but the rest of the day sucked. so bye. i think im going to see acceptance too hopefully cause P!ATD is going to be there. ill let you guys know later. tomorrow updating after the VMAS. ill let you know the concert dates. im excited for those two concerts. i just wanna see the killers they look like they would be good in concerst. but none of you guys care who are reading me journal so im just gonna go.

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